About me


(Loh-rhons Joh-jhay Pah-jhay)

I was born in France, and now live in London. I specialise in portraits and over the years I have had work published in various magazines including 'Quim', 'lesbia', 'On our backs', 'Girlfriends', 'Diva, 'Skin Two', ‘Blue’ and many books including:

'Making Out', A to Z of lesbian sex and sexuality (Harper Collins, 1996)

'The Good, the Bad and the Gorgeous', popular culture's romance with lesbianism (Pandora)

'Lesbian looks', postcards from the edge (Scarlet press)

'Pride and Protest', celebrating 25 years of lesbian and gay visibility and activism (Cassell)

'Damn fine art', by new lesbian artists (Cassell)

'The Lover's guide encyclopaedia', the definitive guide to sex and you (Bloomsbury)

'Mein heimliches Auge', das jahrbuch der Erotik X (Konkursbuch)

'Lauras Animositaten & Sexkapaden', das lesbische sexworterbuch (Konkursbuch)

'Geliebte Freundin Partnerin' (Orlanda)

‘Nothing but the girl’, The blatant lesbian image (Freedom Editions)

I have produced my own book called 'Hollywoodn't', 1950's Hollywood images from a queer perspective (Pandora, 1997).
My last book ‘Nice girls don’t’ was published in 1999, a type of biography of all my work throughout the last 12 years published by Konkursbuch.

I am one of the three directors involved with 'Flirt!', a Lesbian erotic magazine that was the winner of ‘Best Erotic Publication, 1998’ in the UK. I also do most of the photographs for the magazine.
I am currently working for G3 magazine and other publications.


If you would like to use any of the images included on this site,
please email me at info@laurencejaugey-paget.co.uk